Best Places to Retire - Bye Bye 2008!

Just where are the best places to retire? I guess this is a question that has a different and unique answer for everyone .... as we say goodbye to 2008, this is a question that is being asked by many.

The economy is in the toilet, many of you are worried about your nest egg and others have already lost it .... YIKES ... what are the options? How do you make the right decision based on all of these issues.

First off, there be many correct answers. It is up you to do your due diligence and explore all the options available for your personal and financial needs. Get out your paper and pencil to make a list. Where have you always dreamed of living if money were no object, then work back from there ... you will be surprised that you may be able to come closer than you think if you are willing to make a few concessions.

Have you always wanted to live on the water? Perhaps you can't afford to in the most exclusive seaside community, but there are many lesser priced water areas that will give you the same enjoyment of living on the water. How about a mountain chalet at a posh resort? There are mountain homes all over the world and most of them do not carry the ridiculous prices tags and will allow you to have an affordable retirement.

Over the next few weeks let's explore some of the new options for 2009 ... real estate prices have dropped, circumstances changed and the time is NOW to locate the best place to retire!