Best Places to Retire - Start Thinking NOW!

Best Places to Retire .... Hmmmmm .... when should you ask yourself this question? Do you wait until you have that gold watch in your hand or do you plan ahead a few years so everything will be in place for an easy transition? Will you even get a gold watch or perhaps you will suddenly be let go for whatever reason without a retirement pension and be forced to live off of social security?

Retirement can be a scary thing for many people. Some people identify themselves with their job and are forced to "re-invent" themselves once they quit working. YIKES!

The Baby Boomers are the next generation of "old folks" and we are too smart, too young and in better health than ever before and we know that we have options for this next stage of our lives. Let's investigate this together and see if everyone can discover for themselves the best places to retire!