Best Places to Retire - the World is your Oyster!

Best places to retire? The world is your oyster! Don't limit your thinking, just because you are in your fifties or sixties, or older, we are living longer and this retirement move doesn't have to be to your last. Fun and adventure certainly need to be factored in to any decision you make!

Have you considered retiring internationally? Property in countries like Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras offer a lot of opportunities, amenities and financial benefits to Expats that would like to retire to their country. When you go to these countries you can choose to live in areas that are populated by other Americans or you can go native and really immerse yourself in their culture. Either way, it is an adventure that must be experienced.

My husband and I recently visited Honduras, specifically the small island of Guanaja, in the Bay Island chain. Guanaja is located next to Roatan, which is "big" on the cruise line circuit and has recently been featured on the HGTV series House Hunters International. The properties in Roatan, while still inexpensive by US standards are now starting to come up in price a bit, while Guanaja is less expensive and has yet to be really discovered. To check out our adventures in Guanaja you can visit my blog. Just CLICK HERE .

When you start looking in to the best places to retire, just remember you need to do your due diligence. The Internet makes this much easier to do ... so read up, study and make a trip down to the country of your choice to check it out. We all have different opinions on what "paradise" really is.