Best Places to Retire - Anacortes WA

Named by Money magazine as one of the best places to retire young, Anacortes WA is an All-American City, is the second largest city in Skagit County and its largest seaport.

The City has modern educational facilities, state-of-the-art health care, and abundant business opportunities, all in the natural beauty of an island setting. Residents and visitors enjoy 12 ½ miles of saltwater shoreline, a pristine environment, four freshwater lakes, nearly 3300 acres of city-owned forestlands and parks and breathtaking water, island and mountain views. Annual rainfall is less than 26 inches and temperatures are mild-year around. The natural abundance, vibrant community and the convenience of bridges connecting to the mainland make Anacortes "A Natural Destination" for those seeking a superior quality of life.

Anacortes is the principal city on Fidalgo Island, the western-most island in the San Juan archipelago.

If you are a retired person looking for affordable retirement or a more relaxed lifestyle, a family looking for great schools and an active parks-and-recreation department, or a businessperson considering a business relocation, Anacortes offers a small-town atmosphere with big-time amenities.

Due to its island location on the inland waters of Puget Sound, Anacortes enjoys a mild, marine climate. The prevailing southwesterly flow of weather is interrupted by the Olympic Mountain Range and because of this, they experiences less precipitation than surrounding areas.

Sales tax rate in Anacortes is 8.0% and the current lodging tax is 4%. Retail sales tax is collected on the sale of tangible personal property and selected services. There is no state personal or corporate income tax, no unitary tax, no inventory tax, no personal tax and no state tax on interest, dividends or capital gains.

The city has a busy waterfront and an extraordinary amount of forest and parkland for a city of any size. In addition, Anacortes, Skagit County and the San Juan islands have a vibrant arts and entertainment community featuring artists in most mediums, a wide variety of performing arts and festivals and galleries for any taste.

If you are looking for one of the best retirement cities and perhaps you would like to retire early, then you should take a serious look at Anacortes WA.