Ecuador, One of the Best Places to Retire Internationally

If you are looking for affordable retirement, perhaps you should look south to the equator and the small country of Ecuador. Bordered by the Pacific ocean, Columbia and Peru it is possible to live on a small retirement budget of $1,200 a month, even less if you are frugal. Of course "cheap" isn't everything if the quality isn't there.

There are many places in the world where you can buy inexpensive property, but you wouldn't want to live there, let alone, retire .... but Ecuador is different. Retirement in Ecuador means living well.

Their are many reasons for retiring to Ecuador, but one thing's for certain, this is an affordable and desirable retirement location. It also offers a high quality of life. Ecuador is not an isolated country, in fact, it has turned into a land of opportunity, where a solid middle class is forming. After waking from a long economic slumber, Ecuador is preparing to join the global economy. The Quito airport has recently been revamped and now has new jet ways, a renovated entrance and a new waiting area.

From snow-capped volcanoes to dense Amazon jungle, from sun-drenched Pacific beaches to the famous Galapagos Islands, this is a place of astounding natural beauty. This tiny country is home to 10% of the world's plant and animal species, but its real treasure is its people.

Ecuadorians live in jungle river towns, coastal fishing villages, isolated cattle ranches, ancient haciendas, and large colonial cities. Its small size makes it possible to experience many of these different lifestyles in a single day.

It is one of the few places where a foreign resident or visitor can blend easily into the community, being welcomed into a new circle of friends and a new way of life with relative ease. As a foreign retiree in Ecuador, you'll be treated with respect, and the people will be eager to get to know you.

During the last decade, Ecuador has gone through many changes, but today the country has emerged as a welcoming haven for those wanting to retire or invest here. The real estate market offers significant bargains. A comfortable lifestyle can be enjoyed in Ecuador on just a fraction of what you'd spend in many parts of the world.

Ecuador is one place right now where the U.S. dollar is not losing value, which makes Ecuador one of the best places to retire.

Nearly everything is affordable in Ecuador. From the cost to hire a housekeeper to the price of food or dinner in a nice restaurant. You will be surprised at how low the cost of living is in Ecuador. You may even want to retire early! In the major cities like Quito, Guayaquil, and Cuenca, you will have first class conveniences. Several makes of cars are even made right here in Ecuadorian factories. Cell phones and Internet connections are common.

It's easy to retire in Ecuador on a small retirement income and you can live a comfortable lifestyle. Many foreign residents have their main home in the city, and also have a country home, a beach property, or even property in another country.

Although Ecuador is the smallest country within the Andes mountain range, it has attracted during the past decade foreigners from all walks of life mainly through the welcoming natures of its people. The favorable climate, it has several micro climates, and sheer diversity are just two reasons why retirees have taken to the quieter life away from the more industrialized West.

Eco-tourism has also attracted in a number of foreigners who today run everything from eco-buses across large stretches of land to biking companies who specialize in jungle tours or bike rides down the country's infamous volcanoes.

The rural towns of BaƱos, Vilcabamba and Otavalo have attracted a great many foreigners who specialize in natural life styles from Vegetarian restaurants, to a variety of homeopathy and massage healing techniques in addition to organized tours including trekking, bird watching, Rafting and many others.
For a real treat, click on the Galapagos tortoise and watch a youtube slide show of the exquisite Galapagos Islands .... enjoy!

Ecuador has a lot to offer. It has manage to fly under the mainstream radar screen for many years, but take a look at it and it may be your best place to retire!