Best Places to Retire - Bimini Bahamas

Do you love the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas and the warm tropical breezes, but thought that retiring internationally might be a big hassle? Maybe you should consider the tiny island of South Bimini in the Bahamas.

Bimini is only 42 miles east of Miami, Florida and that translates into a 20 minute flight. You can get there by boat also, in fact most people who live there have a boat due to the fact it is an island.

South Bimini is a small tranquil island setting for those who don't require a large city atmosphere. Boating, fishing, swimming, shelling, snorkeling and diving are the main pastimes and because the weather is similar to Florida, it is perfect to enjoy these pastimes almost year round.

English is the main language, although many of the locals have combined it with a creole type slang, you need to listen closely at first until you get familiar with it. The Bahamian dollar and the US dollar are valued the same, and in Bimini, there is no reason to change US for Bahamian currency as both is accepted. Prices are a bit higher for most food items as everything has to be imported, but you'll be glad to note that most hard liquor is cheaper because it doesn't suffer from high taxes!

In case of a medical emergency, if the small clinic on north Bimini can't fix you up, the Coast Guard helicopter will come pick you up and transport you to a Miami hospital.

South Bimini boasts single family homes in the Port Royal area and a large condo development called Bimini Sands .

To take a peek at the adventures of one couple on Bimini Bahamas go to:

If a laid back island paradise might rate in your best places to retire internationally, then Bimini Bahamas might be just what you are looking for!