Retire and Live Large in Mexico!

Why not retire to Mexico and live large on a small retirement income. If you are looking for affordable retirement, south of the border just might be the answer for you!

Mexico's pace of life is ideal for retirement - you can relax, and you can still lead an active retirement. Stress levels are insignificant here.

The food is wonderful. Fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and fish are available at the local markets, and you'll get great value for your money. There is an enormous variety of tropical fruit, which is sweeter and juicier than the kind that is shipped to colder climates. Food is also less expensive in Mexico, although prices and quality vary throughout the year, depending on the season. The variety of vegetables is also immense, including local kinds such as nopales (cactus) and chayotes. Mexico is also the home of the avocado, and is the world's biggest producer of the fruit.

Good health care is widely available. Mexico has good doctors, dentists, hospitals and other medical specialists. There are a range of insurance services available for you to buy to safeguard you and your dependents from the cost of private medical bills.

Your retirement income can go further in Mexico. Exactly how far will depend on your lifestyle expectations. The essential point to remember is that the basic foods and drink are considerably less expensive in Mexico than they are in Europe and most places in the USA and Canada. Eating out can be less expensive too, and extremely good value for money.

Utility bills can be lower (with the exception of electricity which has risen significantly recently), property taxes maintenance costs are very low, and you may be able to structure your finances so that your retirement income is very tax efficient for you.

If your retirement income is generated in hard currency, you will find your earnings stretch further on the basics needed for everyday living than it would in Europe, the US or Canada, for example.

Lake Chapala, you have probably heard about this place and wondered if it's somewhere you could live. Many gringos do. In fact, the largest contingent of expatriates in the world, roughly 40,000, lives in Lake Chapala, and the majority of these folks are originally from the U.S. and Canada. Life here is mellow, but there is plenty to do, and the coast (Puerto Vallarta) is only 4 hours away by car.

Because of the stunning scenery, great climate and attractive ambience at Lake Chapala and its picturesque lakeside towns of Ajijic, Jacotepec and Chapala, many foreigners, especially from the USA and Canada, decide to sell up and move to this great area for a complete change of lifestyle, to retire, or both.

When you visit here, it's not hard to see why they do. The climate is absolutely great all year round; the lake is wonderful and flanked by majestic mountains in the background, the people here are friendly and inviting, and the whole place is just over 20 miles away from Guadalajara, making the area accessible and convenient for amenities when you need them.

Chapala is the main commercial center, you can change money, buy things and generally get in touch with the world from here. If you want to stay in the area, then nearby Ajijic is the best place to find a hotel. Ajijic also has some good crafts shops in which to browse and buy.

Much of the area's prosperity derives from the expatriates living here and you're likely to see quite a few of them, and they're really friendly, so don't be shy if you want to meet and chat with them about the area. English is spoken in most places, and many of the local signs in commercial areas are also in English.

Being so close to Guadalajara, Lake Chapala is an excellent opportunity to leave the hustle and swing of the city and experience some of Mexico's most serene and attractive western rural life!

So, if you are looking for the best places to retire internationally, possibly even to retire early, give this a look!